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Quarterly Conference Minutes of the Lynchburg Circuit 1853-1871
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Minutes of the Quarterly Conference (QC), Lynchburg Circuit, 1853-1871. This file, according to Methodist archivist Bill Hardt, is one of only four known pre-Civil War records.
The San Jacinto Methodist circuit was created in 1845 and renamed as the Lynchburg circuit in 1853. No records of the San Jacinto circuit are known to exist but the 1850-1851 Texas Wesleyan Banner contains notices for QC meetings at Cedar Bayou, San Jacinto, West Liberty (Dayton), Old River, Lynchburg, Penn’s Meeting House (Crosby), and Tarkington Prairie. During the years 1858-1859 Cedar Bayou was its own circuit separate from Lynchburg but no records of the Cedar Bayou circuit during these years are known to exist. There are no entries for any church in the circuit for the years 1867-1868.
File scanned and submitted by Chuck Chandler, with permission to display on Library web site granted by Cedar Bayou Methodist Church.
Source: Cedar Bayou Methodist Church, scanned by Chuck Chandler
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